Environmental School

Have you heard what's happening at Greene? Green Intermediate Center is becoming the first school in South Bend with an environmental focus!

What does that mean for students at Greene? 
Greene students will have a unique opportunity to: 

Explore the outdoors
Get involved in environmental restoration projects around the school 
Plant gardens
Create art projects and educational materials to share information about the environment

As students work on environmental projects they practice skills they are learning in other classes. When students are involved in real projects with real results they are more motivated to acquire the skills necessary to complete those projects. Students may be building benches in the outdoor lab, planting wildflowers in the courtyard, designing habitat for birds, making a brochure about Greene's nature trails, and more. Completing the projects requires more than just an understanding of environmental issues. Students will practice math, writing, public speaking, and more. 

Spending time outdoors provides exercise, stress relief and other proven psychological benefits. Students at Greene will spend plenty of time actively exploring the outdoors, getting exercise and a break from some of the stresses of school. In other words: ITS FUN!!

An understanding of environmental issues will prepare your student for a 21st century career. As more and more businesses try to become environmentally friendly, they will need employees who understand how our actions affect the environment. Greene students will understand their local environment and get real experience making a positive impact on it.